SIRIUS Safety Integrated

Manufacturers and operators of machines must fulfill numerous requirements: reducing costs, improving productivity, and ensuring the safety of machines.

The industrial safety technology from Siemens offers innovative and economical solutions for the functional safety of machinery.

Machine safety – compliance with directives

Before machines or plants can be supplied or operated, they must meet the fundamental safety requirements of the EU Directives.

To guarantee conformity with the European Machinery Directive, it is recommended that the correspondingly harmonized European standards EN 62061 or EN ISO 13849-1 are applied. This gives manufacturers and operators legal certainty regarding compliance with both national regulations and the EU Directive.

The machine manufacturer uses the CE marking to document compliance with all relevant directives and regulations in the free movement of goods. As the European directives are recognized worldwide, their use is of great help when exporting to other countries.

The aim of safety technology is therefore to protect people, machinery and the environment, and to enable compliance with statutory safety requirements

The quick and easy way to safe machinery

In addition to the statutory regulations governing the protection of people, there are also economic reasons for preventing personal injury and the resulting downtimes, and for protecting machinery and equipment against damage.

Safety Integrated benefits machine manufacturers and plant operators in many ways:

  • Lower costs for hardware, installation and engineering
  • Enhanced availability thanks to faster diagnostics and reduced downtimes

The use of modular safety concepts also makes it easier and more economical to modernize your plants.

Smart switching devices ensure the functional safety of machines

With our SIRIUS Safety Integrated controls, we form a central component of the overall Siemens Safety Integrated concept that is based on Totally Integrated Automation. Whether for reliable detecting, commanding and signaling, monitoring and evaluation, or starting and safe disconnection – SIRIUS Safety Integrated controls provide cost-effective solutions for the safety of your machine or plant.

Take SIRIUS 3SK1 safety relays, for example: They are modularly expandable and can integrate compact motor starters, such as the fail-safe SIRIUS 3RM1, very simply via the rear-panel device connector. Or the SIRIUS 3RK3 Modular Safety System - it provides a high degree of functionality as an autonomous safety controller downstream of a standard control, and it also enables smart safety solutions via AS-Interface.

The SIMOCODE pro modular motor management system combines all the required protection, monitoring, safety and control functions for motor feeders. It can be connected to fail-safe controllers via PROFIBUS or PROFINET, and it can safely shut down motors in emergency situations.

SIRIUS Safety Integrated also solves more complex network-based safety tasks by means of fail-safe communication via standard fieldbus systems such as ASIsafe via AS-Interface and PROFIsafe via PROFIBUS and PROFINET. This opens the door to flexible safety solutions for compact machines or large-scale plants – naturally compliant with current standards up to SIL 3/PL e.

A particular highlight - the world's first integrated ASIsafe connection to the distributed I/O ensures even more consistency. With the SIMATIC AS-i F-Links, AS-i networks can be connected quite simply to safety controllers via PROFIsafe via a SIMATIC ET 200SP.

Your partner for machine and plant safety

With Safety Integrated, Siemens provides the smart answer to constantly increasing requirements regarding functional machine safety as well as for the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of a given system. Our comprehensive drive technology and industrial controls portfolio provides scalable solutions for precisely tailored safety concepts for protecting people, machines and the environment. Our products meet the current safety standards in the industry, including ISO, IEC, NFPA und UL.

As a partner for machine and plant safety, Siemens also supports users with functional examples and up-to-date know-how on international standards and directives. In addition to the free TÜV-approved Safety Evaluation Tool for evaluating safety functions in accordance with EN 62061 and EN ISO 13849-1, requirements-based training is available on CE marking, functional safety and risk assessment, and on our Safety Integrated products.

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SIRIUS supports you where UL is concerned

We support you where UL is concerned

Product liability laws in the USA are significantly stricter than in Europe. Anybody wishing to export their products to North America is strongly advised to have them certified to UL standards, particularly where electrical equipment is concerned. We can help you with our comprehensive know-how and broad portfolio of UL-certified low-voltage controls.

Who or what is UL?

UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.®) is one of the world’s leading organizations for testing and certification in the field of product safety. This independent, non-profit making US-based organization was founded in 1894 by American fire insurance groups, with the intention of investigating the fire hazards presented by electrical devices.

Today, UL checks and certifies the operational safety of all kinds of materials, components and end products, particularly with regard to the possibility of personal injury and the formation of fires. There are branches in a number of European countries. Detailed information on the US organization as well as contact details for the various European subsidiaries are also available on the Internet at

Differences between UL and IEC

The IEC standards for the IEC market merely define the minimum safety requirements for a device or system. The technical details relating to how safety requirements are to be implemented in practice a matter for the manufacturer.

By contrast, the guidelines for the American market are much more specific. Depending on the standard, the entire process in question may be monitored - from product design and manufacture to application and installation, right through to operation.

NFPA79 is the electrical standard for industrial machinery outside the control cabinet. As such it differs from and is the counterpart to the control cabinet standard UL 508A.

A UL partner since 1969

Enlisting the expertise of a partner such as Siemens is a wise move for anyone who wishes to avoid unnecessary aggravation and save both time and money.

Ever since 1969 our production facility in Amberg, where our entire range of low-voltage controls is developed and produced, has been working closely with Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

Right from the product development stage, we take not only EU Directives and IEC guidelines, but also UL standards, into account. This has resulted in a wide-ranging portfolio of UL-certified low-voltage switchgear, controlgear and protection circuit technology.

We therefore offer comprehensive know-how on the subject of UL certification, ranging from production down to control panel wiring according to UL standards, which we will be pleased to explain to you within the scope of our application consulting service.

Our range of low-voltage controls keeps you on the safe side where UL is concerned, and allows you to assemble UL-compliant control cabinets quickly and easily.

Cost-effectiveness in the building and operation of switchgear and control cabinets for North America

  • Stay flexible for the widest range of solutions and expansions with our comprehensive, coordinated product portfolio, from the infeed of the machine control system to the smallest actuator in the machine.
  • Reap the benefits of efficient stock keeping thanks to the universal usability of the products (IEC-UL/CSA).
  • Implement a uniform operating and maintenance concept based on our standard system.
  • Save space and costs with coordinated product interfaces and compact designs.
  • Experience easy, efficient local operation thanks to user-friendliness.

UL-certified SIRIUS products and systems

You will find a number of UL-certified products in our IC 10 catalog, such as:

  • Controls, from motor-protective circuit breakers and starters to contactors and overload relays
  • Circuit breakers for plant and transformer protection
  • Detecting and command devices
  • Power supplies

In catalog LV 16, you will also find a comprehensive selection of components for control cabinets in compliance with UL.

You can find information on UL standards, the UL classification and a number of technical particularities of UL on our website. We have summarized the available products and product groups under "Information Material" → "Standards and Approvals". A table lists the UL standards to which products conform and provides references to the corresponding UL reports.

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