Sirius 3RW Soft Starters


SIRIUS 3RW soft starters are a cost-effective alternative to using direct or wye-delta starters for starting three-phase motors. They avoid undesirable side effects such as mechanical bumps in the machine and mechanics or voltage drops in the mains supply. The soft start in control cabinets can be implemented in almost any application in a simple and practical way with our complete soft starter range.


Advantages at a glance;


  • Soft start and soft stop

  • Smooth starting, without steps

  • Reduced current peaks

  • Avoidance of line voltage fluctuations during start-up

  • Reduced load on the power supply system

  • Reduced mechanical load in the drive

  • Considerable space savings and reduced wiring compared to other starters

  • Maintenance-free switching

  • Ease of handling

  • Perfectly matched with SIRIUS devices for the control cabinet