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Controls made easy:
SIRIUS Modular System

SIRIUS has long been synonymous world-wide with industrial controls, and was a trendsetter in this field from the very beginning.

The SIRIUS modular system with its components for the switching, starting, protection and monitoring of motors and industrial systems stands for the fast, flexible and space-saving construction of control cabinets.

The consistent further development of SIRIUS takes even better account of current market requirements, particularly the call for fewer variants, greater flexibility and reduced cost and time. The advantages for you are: higher productivity and cost efficiency in your company.

More space in the control cabinet

The modular system packs powerful performance into its compact size:

  • Integrated monitoring relay in the motor feeder
  • Application monitoring in the main circuit
  • Integrated plug-in technology combined with spring-loaded terminals

Reach targets faster with pre-configured components

Simply plug together pre-configured components via the infeed system and save on wiring complexity:

  • Time-saving plug-in technology for motor feeders
  • Replacement of the compact starters and load feeders without disconnecting the main circuit wiring
  • Reduction of complexity and downtimes
  • Solutions for direct-on-line starters, reversing starters, wye-delta starters, soft starters and safe load feeders

Less wiring

The SIRIUS modular system is based on IO-Link:

  • Less wiring effort for actuators
  • Connection of up to four starters with one IO-Link connection saves space
  • Full transparency right down to the field level
  • Simple installation

Time saving with full functionality

Choose and order functions directly in the Siemens Industry Mall.

  • Easy and quick product searching
  • Reliability and exclusion of errors thanks to pre-assembled elements
  • Pre-assembled function modules save engineering and time

From old to new: The new conversion tool

Every automation system becomes obsolete at some time. Replacing installed products used to involve significant time and costs. But with the new conversion tool you find the suitable product faster – so change over easily now to SIRIUS Innovations:

  • A user-friendly user interface allows you to search intuitively
  • Simply enter the article number of the current device or its descriptive text (e.g. *Contactor*)
  • The search result provides you with the article number of the desired device, including current data and information on using the new product.
  • Order conveniently through the Industry Mall

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ontrols made easy:
SIRIUS SIRIUS Planning Efficiency

With Planning Efficiency, Siemens Industry has provided answers to typical questions that often come up in electrical planning:

  • What is the right product for my application?
  • Where can I find product data?
  • How can I design processes in a more efficient and time-saving way?

Planning Efficiency brings together the whole of Siemens Industry's electronic support. At each stage of the project, online functions make the everyday life of the planner easier through greater efficiency. At the same time, Planning Efficiency focuses on aspects such as optimization in the configuring of control cabinets.

In this early phase in electrical planning in particular, savings of up to 80% can be made in time and costs.

To supply planners with everything they need and make modern electrical planning easier when configuring control cabinets, the electronic support provided by Planning Efficiency focuses on four advantages:

  • Get to the right product faster with intuitive product selection
  • Time savings of up to 80% with universal product data for your CAE and CAD system
  • User-friendly compilation of project-specific documentation
  • Comprehensive support – anywhere, anytime

Process phases

Siemens Industry provides comprehensive and free online functions in every process phase. Thus, all the information and product data you require are available worldwide and around the clock.

Individual feeders can be put together easily and quickly with the intuitively designed configurators. The suitable 3D models and dimensional drawings for the cabinet construction diagram are supplied for this purpose.

Further types of data for mechanical and electrical engineering can be retrieved directly via the CAx download manager. The universal CAx data types can be integrated easily and quickly in diverse CAE systems, e.g. E³.series, WSCAD, ELCAD, COMOS, etc.

The standard-compliant system documentation can be individually compiled in mySupport with just a few clicks. Simply choose the required sections from the existing manuals of the Siemens products installed. This boosts quality and cuts work effort.

The 12 CAx data types in detail:

The benefits for EPLAN users

The EPLAN Data Archived Zipped (.edz) exchange format reduces the overall time required for data integration even further. With just a few clicks, the data types it includes for any number of article numbers can be imported, and they remain linked with one another. In this way, the installed Siemens products can be represented across different circuit diagram pages quickly and easily.

Without Planning Efficiency a lot of time used to be wasted in manual data transmission. Now you can concentrate on the essentials again.

All the information and product data you need are provided by Siemens Industry and, are easily accessible. This makes configuring control cabinets more efficient and makes your everyday work easier.

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Controls made easy:
SIRIUS configurators

We offer a large number of configurators for the SIRIUS product spectrum. These facilitate the choice of suitable products and systems for your application.

Simply choose the features you require and the optimum solution will be offered to you after only a few clicks.

You can then order the products conveniently through the Industry Mall.

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SIRIUS 3SB3/3SF5 pushbuttons and indicator lights

  • Put together individual operator controls or complete enclosures according to your wishes
  • Select all combinations of pushbuttons, enclosures and switching elements individually

SIRIUS 3SE5/3SF position switches

  • Select the basic switch, the actuator head and the suitable actuator with only a few clicks
  • Combine individual elements to suit your requirements and assemble to create your individual variants


SIRIUS 3SK1 safety relays

  • Fast and clear creation of safety-related applications (e.g. EMERGENCY-STOP and protective door monitoring)
  • Simply enter the number of sensors or outputs and choose any accessories
  • The configuration result provides you with article numbers and also technical data and 3D models for the matching products


SIRIUS Innovations system configurator

  • Easily find the right combination of motor starter protector/circuit breaker, contactor and matching accessories
  • Enter motor data and your required features
  • The configuration result provides you with product numbers and also technical data and 3D models for engineering
  • Also possible for more complex structures such as 3-phase busbar systems and complete infeed systems

SIRIUS 3RM1 motor starters

  • Put together an individual motor starter or a complex motor starter group
  • Individual options such as direct-on-line or reversing start, spring-type or screw terminals and also motor current and control voltage
  • Graphical display of the structure during configuration
  • Automatic determination of the suitable circuit breaker (group configuration)

SIRIUS 3RA6 compact starters and infeed system for 3RA6

  • Easy to use – from individual compact starters or also with associated infeed system and AS-i interfacing
  • The configuration result provides you with additional technical information such as CAD data and product data sheets as well as characteristic curves, operating instructions, manuals and much more.

SIRIUS 3RW soft starters

  • Easy and fast selection of suitable soft starters
  • Note: For correct dimensioning of the soft starter, you should use the Win-Soft Starter tool. The configurator contains the link to the software.

SIRIUS 3RF solid-state switching devices

  • Easy selection of individual solid-state switching devices on the basis of technical features (e.g. zero-point switching, spring-type terminal and rated current)
  • The configuration result provides you with the article numbers for the matching products

Controls made easy:

Apps for SIRIUS Planning Efficiency

Online Support app

The Online Support app allows you to access over 300 000 documents on all Siemens Industry products, anywhere and any time. Whether you need help with implementing your project or with troubleshooting, or want to expand your plant or plan a new one, you now have around-the-clock access to FAQs, manuals, certificates, characteristic curves, sample applications and tools, product news and more.

The app is available free of charge from the Apple App Store and on Google Play (Android Market) using the search string: "Siemens Industry Online Support".

For more information, see

SIRIUS Innovations DVD - also available as a webapp

Thanks to the modular design of SIRIUS Innovations, our products are particularly easy to plan for the control cabinet, install and monitor. All the advantages of SIRIUS Innovations are available offline in 9 languages with 3D animations, films and screen recordings of our planning and configuring tools. Ask your sales contact person about the SIRIUS Innovations DVD.

The SIRIUS Innovations DVD is now also available as a webapp1) (Ge/En):

1) Optimized for use with a resolution of 1024 x 768 on iPad and tablet PCs.

Interactive control cabinet

The interactive control cabinet shows you a selected product overview, and provides you with useful information and technical data on the relevant components, thus allowing you to plan your control cabinet in advance, efficiently and easily. This saves precious time during project implementation.

Discover the interactive control cabinet 2) at

2) Now also available as an iPad app in the Apple App Store.

Energy-efficient control technology:
SIRIUS brings down energy costs

Energy management in industry

Overview of the energy management process

Be it for plant operators, planners or machine manufacturers: energy-efficient production is a challenge and an opportunity in equal measure.

Energy-efficient production as a success factor

To utilize potential energy savings, we always keep an eye on the entire product development and production process with our comprehensive portfolio. This is because only a perfect interplay of all components results in highly energy-efficient production.

To achieve this, it is important to first create an awareness of existing energy saving potential, to identify optimization options with the aid of a detailed analysis and to evaluate them. Finally, appropriate measures must be implemented (realized).

With our integrated portfolio of energy-efficient drive solutions, automation systems and services, you will also achieve maximum energy efficiency, higher productivity and sustainable competitive advantages in your enterprise.

The three columns of energy efficiency with SIRIUS innovative products

Energy-efficient products – SIRIUS reduces power loss

3RR2 monitoring relays, 3RB3 overload relays, 3RT2 contactors, 3RW soft starters, 3RV2 motor starter protectors and 3RA6 compact starters

SIRIUS Innovations controls are distinguished by extremely low inherent power loss. This cuts not only energy costs, but also the amount of waste heat in the control cabinet. This then translates to a higher packing density and a reduction in the required cooling performance.

Energy-measuring products

SIMOCODE pro 3UF7 motor management and control device, 200D motor starter, ET 200S High Feature direct-on-line starter

Energy management can be instrumental in increasing plant productivity and thus bringing about a significant improvement to the competitive ability of a company – in all areas of industry.

Communication-capable SIRIUS switching and protection devices provide measured energy data without additional installation complexity.

Energy-Optimized Drive Solutions

To optimize energy efficiency of processes, it is not only important to measure the energy flow and to use energy-efficient products. An exact consideration of the application provides the greatest leverage for saving energy:

What load profile is the system operated with?

Application examples on the Internet: → Applications

Application areas
SIRIUS supports you where UL is concerned.

SIRIUS application areas

We support you where UL is concerned

Product liability laws in the USA are significantly stricter than in Europe. Anybody wishing to export their products to North America is strongly advised to have them certified to UL standards, particularly where electrical equipment is concerned. We can help you with our comprehensive know-how and broad portfolio of UL-certified low-voltage controls.

Who or what is UL?

UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) is one of the world's leading organizations involved in product safety testing and certification. This independent, non-profit making US-based organization was founded in 1894 by American fire insurance groups, with the intention of investigating the fire hazards presented by electrical devices.

Today, UL checks and certifies the operational safety of all kinds of materials, components and end products, particularly with regard to the possibility of personal injury and the formation of fires. There are branches in a number of European countries. You can find more detailed information about this American organization, as well as how to get in touch with the numerous branches throughout Europe, on the Internet at

Differences between UL and IEC

The IEC standards for the IEC market merely define the minimum safety requirements for a device or system. The technical details relating to how safety requirements are to be implemented in practice a matter for the manufacturer.

By contrast, the guidelines for the American market are much more specific. Depending on the standard, the entire process in question may be monitored - from product design and manufacture to application and installation, right through to operation.

NFPA79 is the electrical standard for industrial machinery outside the control cabinet. As such it differs from and is the counterpart to the control cabinet standard UL 508A.

A UL partner since 1969

Enlisting the expertise of a partner such as Siemens is a wise move for anyone who wishes to avoid unnecessary aggravation and save both time and money.

Ever since 1969 our production facility in Amberg, where our entire range of low-voltage controls is developed and produced, has been working closely with Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

Right from the product development stage, we take not only EU Directives and IEC guidelines, but also UL standards, into account. This has resulted in a wide-ranging portfolio of UL-certified low-voltage switchgear, controlgear and protection circuit technology.

We therefore offer comprehensive know-how on the subject of UL certification, ranging from production down to control panel wiring according to UL standards, which we will be pleased to explain to you within the scope of our application consulting service.

Our range of low-voltage controls keeps you on the safe side where UL is concerned, and allows you to assemble UL-compliant control cabinets quickly and easily.

Cost-effectiveness in the building and operation of switchgear and control cabinets for North America

  • Stay flexible for the widest range of solutions and expansions with our comprehensive, coordinated product portfolio, from the infeed of the machine control system to the smallest actuator in the machine.
  • Reap the benefits of efficient stock keeping thanks to the universal usability of the products (IEC-UL/CSA).
  • Arrive at a uniform operating and maintenance concept based on our standard system.
  • Save space and costs with coordinated product interfaces and compact designs.
  • Experience easy, efficient local operation thanks to user-friendliness.

UL-certified SIRIUS products and systems

UL-certified products to be found in this catalog include, for example:

  • Controls, from motor-protective circuit breakers and starters to contactors and overload relays
  • Circuit breakers for plant and transformer protection
  • Detecting and command devices
  • Transformers and power supplies

In catalog LV 16, you will also find a comprehensive selection of controls and components for applications in compliance with UL.

On the Internet, you will find information on, for example, UL standards, UL classification and a number of technical particularities of UL.

Under "Information Material" → "Standards and Approvals" we have summarized the available products and product groups. A table lists the UL standards to which the products conform and refers to the corresponding UL reports.

For more information, see