The SIMATIC IPC347D is the new industrial PC in 19" RACK mount format in the low-end price segment. 

It is espiecially suitable for application in production that requires greater ruggedness than office PCs, such as; 

• Visualization and SCADA

• Measurement and test

• Data collection and processing

Target industries include General manufacturing, Building and Process automation, logistics and the mail order business. 

The IPC347D is designed for continuous 24-hour use, even at ambient temperatures up to 40 degress celcius. IS it resilient to vibration, shock, and EMC conditions, it also features a pressurized ventalation system and dust filter to keep out any particles. 


Siemens offer a software package with the SIMATIC IPC347D, this provides excellent value. See below for an example of the value in comparison to a cheaper industrial PC;