Siemens PROFINET Profiles



PROFINET profiles specify additional manufacturer-independent characteristics and behaviors for devices and systems in the field of automation technology, e.g. energy management, functional safety and controlled drive technology. They thus serve as a device- and manufacturer-neutral software interface for the user program. Device-specific details as well as all details of communication are hidden. This ensures that the software engineering of equipment used in the machine or plant remains absolutely independent.




PROFIdrive: Rapid and easy implementation of drive concepts

PROFIdrive defines the device behavior and access procedures to internal device data for electric drives on PROFINET – from simple frequency converters to high-performance servo controllers. The drive interfaces are kept as simple as possible and free of technological functions.

Your advantages;

  • Uniform application interface for motion control and drive-based safety

  • Replaceability of devices

  • Diagnostics via bus


PROFIsafe: Safety-related communication – open, integrated and proven

PROFIsafe facilitates the realization of safe plants and machines on the basis of PROFINET via a communication line (wired or wireless) – without a second separate bus system. Moreover, the transmitted telegrams are permanently monitored.

Your advantages;

  • Reusability of safety concepts

  • Established standard of safety technology

  • Minimized wiring

  • Fail-safe wireless communication via IWLAN


PROFIenergy: Communication with energy saving potentials

PROFIenergy supports the easy automatic disconnection and connection of technologically correlated plant parts. Coordination is realized centrally via a higher-level control. The result: Considerably reduced energy costs.

Your advantages;

  • Controlled energy consumption

  • Coordinated disconnection and connection of complete plant parts

  • Elimination of the need for permanently wired external systems