Siemens expands range of time relays


The time relais 3RP25 of the Siemens product family of Sirius relays.


  • Sirius 3RP25 monofunctional and multifunctional time relays with up to 27 time functions
  • Semiconductor output for high switching frequencies and wear-free switching
  • Wide voltage range expanded to 12V to 240V AC/DC
  • Space-saving and global in use

Siemens is expanding its product family of monitoring and control devices. At the SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg, Germany, the company will present the Sirius 3RP25, a space-saving and functionally expanded series of the time relays. This series ranges from monofunctional devices with common functions such as switch-on and return delay, right up to multifunctional devices for every application. The latter integrate up to 27 functions in a single device. All 3RP25 time relays have a new enclosure design. The monofunctional devices with a width of 17.5mm are especially space-saving in the control cabinet. The wide voltage range for direct current and alternating current (AC/DC) has been expanded uniformly to 12V to 240V, enabling the number of device variants to be almost halved. This minimizes logistics and simplifies configuring and service. The new Sirius 3RP25 time relays are equipped with the necessary international certification and can therefore be used globally.

The 3RP25 time relays belong to the product family of Sirius relays. They enable time-delayed switching in industrial applications, now with a new enclosure design and additional functions, such as the watchdog function or the semiconductor output.

The new devices are also equipped with a watchdog function. This is especially suitable for controlling clock times in cyclic sequences, thus providing benefits in many industrial applications, such as conveyor belts. The variants with wear-free semiconductor output are used especially in applications with frequent, short switching operations, such as longitudinal feed in punching or embossing machines. Thanks to their new functions, the devices are even more flexible in use than the predecessor generation, in applications involving compressors or elevators, for example, or in woodworking.

Siemens offers the product range with removable terminals in widths of 17.5mm or 22.5mm. In the mid-term, the new devices will replace time relays of the 3RP15 range.