Sick PowerProx


The new standard for reliable detection with an extended sensing range can’t be measured with a conventional yard stick. With sensing ranges from 5 cm to 3.8 m, no object goes undetected by the PowerProx MultiTask photoelectric sensor.


For the first time, the PowerProx MultiTask photoelectric sensor offers all the advantages of time-of-flight technology in the world's smallest housing – and at a high detection speed. PowerProx reliably detects fast-moving objects, small and flat objects, and dark black or shiny objects at sensing ranges between 5 cm and 3.8 m. For even more flexibility, up to eight switching points can be defined via IO-Link. The four variants – “Distance”, “Speed”, “Precision”, and “Small” – are designed for use in a range of applications. As a result, PowerProx isn't just the best solution, it also offers the right solution for your requirements: from occupied bay and clearance detection, rapid counting, and precise edge detection to use in handling and assembly applications.

At a glance;

  • Time-of-flight technology
  • Laser class 1
  • Sensing range for object detection: 5 cm to 3.8 m
  • Switching frequencies up to 1,000 Hz
  • Smallest minimum distance between the object and background: 15 mm
  • VISTAL™ housing
  • 1 or 2 switching points which can be adjusted independently
  • IO-Link available as an option (distance value, 8 switching points, smart sensor functions)

Your Benefits;

  • Reliable object detection over large sensing ranges, e.g., even with shiny or jet-black surfaces and background reflections
  • Highly visible light spot simplifies alignment of the photoelectric proximity sensor
  • Precise and simple adjustment with potentiometer or teach-in button
  • Eye-safe thanks to laser class 1
  • Extremely reliable and durable. Rugged even under high mechanical loads thanks to VISTAL™ housing.
  • Smallest housing of its kind worldwide offers great flexibility in terms of machine design
  • IO-Link extends functionality