Sick Inspector Vision Sensor



Easy positioning, inspection & measurement. 

The Inspector is an intelligent vision solution in an easy-to-use sensor package. No matter if the task is to verify completeness and quality, find a part’s position or measure its dimensions, the Inspector is up to the challenge. The sensors’ rugged design and IP 67 metal housing makes them ideal for tough environments and intelligent processing technology makes the Inspector perfect for high-speed applications. The flexible housing is designed to easily optimize the optical needs of your application. This ensures excellent inspection even with tough targets, such as highly reflective metal parts and multicolored labels. The Inspector family provides broad support for control, monitoring and data collection through a variety of interfaces. This vision sensor provides everything to meet your integration needs and facilitate daily work.

Product features;

  • High-speed positioning, inspection & measurement. 
  • Expanded toolbox for diameter, angle and flexible distance measurement
  • Multiple, simultaneous inspection of blobs, patterns, edges and pixel counting
  • Image calibration, including mm output. 
  • Configurable communication through EtherNet/IP and TCP/IP
  • Simple, out-of-the-box web server
  • Import of customized web pages

 Customer Benefits; 

  • Robust design increases service life
  • High flexibility due to retractable probe and interchangeable connection concept
  • Cost savings thanks to multiple output signals: one system for level detection and continuous level monitoring
  • Maintenance-free and quick to commission, saving time and costs
  • No calibration or recalibration required for commissioning, thus saving time and costs


  • Quality inspection with dimension and position control of commercial goods
  • Integrated quality control in packaging machines
  • Calibrated alignment in electronic part assembly
  • Part inspection and dimension verification in electronic component assembly
  • Belt picking with inspection and dimensioning in automotive manufacturing
  • AGV painted line guidance