Sick Flexi Soft

FLEXI SOFT: The new face of safety - especially for controllers. 


Modular and intuitive configuration: the Flexi Soft safety controller from SICK. The Flexi Soft concept offers a whole range of main modules, expansion modules, Motion Control modules, and gateways that can be used to create a customized, efficient solution for your safety application. It is the ideal choice for safeguarding against hazardous points in presses and laser cutting systems used in machine building applications. It is also an efficient tool in the packaging industry, which uses machines with a large number of doors and flaps that require protective measures. In applications like these, Flexi Soft keeps the amount of wiring used to a minimum. Flexi Soft also makes it possible to network overlapping safety functions in modular machines – and integrate these into the standardized system controllers. The license-free Flexi Soft Designer configuration software offers intuitive programming, rapid commissioning, and continuous monitoring. The entire configuration can be documented in multiple languages with just one click.

Since 2008, Flexi Soft has been one of the best-selling safety controllers in the area of industrial safety. It is conveniently and freely programmable with software, easy to use, and it can be expanded in a variety of ways with modular additions. What makes Flexi Soft more clever is also where you stand to benefit: compact and equipped with a network connection, Flexi Soft is the optimal solution for many machines. It has already proved itself on the market more than 50,000 times and in the broadest range of applications. Flexible in the service of industry. Soft on the company budget.

Today’s Flexi Soft is smarter than ever before thanks to technology such as Flexi Line, a cost optimized solution for practically unlimited networking between modular machines. Or Flexi Loop, a way to cascade switches and sensors that is first and foremost safe, and that also supports diagnostics. And it is just as safe to say that design engineers around the world are excited by this solution.

Safety for every industry:
Flexi Soft is a safe bet not only for a large number of systems and machines, but also for various industries. Why is that? 
 Flexi Soft is an intelligent solution that networks modular machines. For instance, the masterful technical innovation is ideal for protecting hazardous points around presses and laser cutting equipment in mechanical engineering plants. It 
can also watch over machines with various doors and flaps in the packaging and electronics industries. Decentralized safety paths that require minimal wiring costs also stand to benefit from Flexi Soft. And, last but not least, it is impossible to imagine networking the overlapping safety functions of modular machines – and their integration into standardized system 
controllers – without Flexi Soft.
 In many industries, Flexi Soft is the best proof that safety does not have to conflict with overall plant efficiency;
  •  A compact safety solution for the entire system: Flexi Soft is a modular safety controller that grows in line with the increasing complexity of the application
  • Safe and especially straightforward networking without any addressing: the smart solution for realizing modular machine concepts
  • Optimized production: a smaller machine footprint and safe human–machine interaction minimize downtime.