Phoenix UNO UPS


The UNO UPS supplies 24 V and 60 W


Uninterruptible power supply with integrated power storage - save space in the control cabinet or upgrade existing systems very easily using the UNO UPS. Supply components like sensors with 1 A of current for 20 minutes even if the supply voltage fails. 

The UNO UPS with 60 W output power is available, coressponding to the UNO POWER power supply range. The uninterruptible power supply works flexibly at input voltages of 23 to 30 V DC. Measuring just 110 x 90 x 90 mm, it provides you with a very compact UPS version. 

In addition, the integrated lead AGM power storage ensures long buffer times: 

  • 0.5 A for 45 minutes 
  • 2 A for 8 minutes
  • 2.5 A for 5 minutes

Your advantages: 

  • Particularly space-saving: UPS module and power storage combined in one housing 
  • Long buffer times with integrated VRLA power storage 
  • Durable thanks to gentle charging 
  • Flexible thanks to the large temperature range 
  • Uniford appearance with UNO POWER power supplies

Main features: 

  • Overall width of UNO POWER 110 W and UNO UPS as a complete solution: 165 mm
  • Buffer aa 0.5 load current for 45 minutes or a 2.5 A load current for 5 minutes
  • Temperature range: -15 C ... + 50 C