Phoenix Rifline Complete Relay System

Why use multiple relay ranges when you can carry out all standard relay applications using only the RIFLINE complete industrial relay system; it proves that less truly is more! It doesn’t matter whether you want to isolate, multiply or amplify signals you will only ever need the one system!

The RIFLINE system, with a consistent plug-in design, ensures high machine and system availability. It is suitable for coupling and timer relays applications through to small power contactor replacement.


Less time wiring

Thanks to Push-in Technology. This ensures quick wiring without the need for any tools. You can easily remove the wire by pushing on the orange release button.


Easy potential distribution and reduced stock holding

Thanks to plug-in bridges from the CLIPLINE complete system accessories:

  • Input side for all sockets (A2)
  • Output side for RIF-0 and RIF-1 (11)

Easy Function Extension 

Thanks to the wide range of RIFLINE complete products, a wide variety of applications can be implemented using the system. The relay can be extended as desired using function modules.

Thanks to the plug-in multifunctional timer module. Three functions of time can be selected within a time range of 0.5 seconds to 100 minutes.


High availability

Thanks to plug-in relays and function modules the relays can be replaced quickly during maintenance work.  This helps to ensure high machine and system availability.


Complete relay range

You can switch currents up to 16 A, from a coupling relay up to the small power contactor replacement, the product range offers the right relay for every application.