Phoenix Quint UPS-IQ

QUINT UPS-IQ- Intelligent battery control

Each battery tells its own story. The QUINT UPS-IQ is ideal for any situation where battery backup is needed; mission-critical systems that require an uninterruptible power supply.


QUINT UPS-IQ - Intelligent Battery Control


Intelligent battery modules automatically tell you what type of battery is in use and then determine that unit’s charging status.  Regardless of whether you are using a DC-UPS or an AC-UPS, QUINT provides you with intelligent battery management on several levels.

Battery Detection

Battery Detection: automatically identifies the type of battery in use as well as other critical battery information.

State of Charge (SOC)

State of Charge (SOC): indicates the remaining back-up time and level of charge on the battery.  This gives you the ability to see the amount of available time left at a quick glance.

State of Health (SOH)

State of Health (SOH): indicates the remaining service life of the battery module.  The history of the battery module is recorded and then provides an indication of when the battery needs to be replaced, before it becomes a concern.

State of Function (SOF)

State of Function (SOF): indicates the capacity of the battery module.  The available capacity of the battery is provided, indicating how well the battery is accepting the charge and if the full capacity is still available.


This DIN-rail UPS demonstration features the "QUINT UPS-IQ" DC UPS and AC UPS system. These DC UPS or AC UPS systems are ideal for any situation where DC UPS or AC UPS battery backup is needed for mission-critical systems that cannot lose power. 

The QUINT IQ automatically detects the type of battery connected and determines the charging state using three levels of Intelligent Battery Management. Contact alarms or emails can be trigger on various events such as time to change the battery (before it's actually failed) or a certain amount of back-up time left..

•State of Charge (SOC) -- which indicates the current level of charge and remaining back-up time left
•State of Health (SOH) -- which determines the amount of life span left of battery usage
•State of Function (SOF) -- which determines the performance capability of the battery