Phoenix Power Supplies - Less Space, More Energy Efficiency

UNO power supplies


All panel and machine builders are under pressure from their customers and their competitors to reduce their carbon footprint and use less of the world’s natural resource. One way to do this is reduce the space taken up by the control gear in their panels and use more energy efficient products.

Phoenix Contact have produced the UNO power supply range where energy and space saving are just two of the benefits on offer.

Phoenix Contact are constantly striving to upgrade and improve their portfolio with smarter, smaller, and more energy efficient alternatives. UNO is just one of these.

Let take a look at the new UNO offer in more detail:

UNO Power supplies provide a great performance in the least space possible with the maximum energy efficiency!

  • Available from 30 to 240 watts output powerUNO Power supplies
  • 17 choices of power supplies with output voltages from 5V to 48 V DC
  • Energy saving thanks to low power dissipation at no load and very high efficiency
  • Very compact housing to reduce space taken up in your panel
  • Very reliable with a high MTBF
  • Wide temperature range giving them the flexibility to be installed world wide

UNO Uninterruptible Power Supply, with integrated power storage, saves space in your control cabinet and can be used to easily upgrade an existing system.

  • Space saving as the UPS and battery are combined in one housing – only 165mm wide!
  • Long buffer times using powerful VRLA technology
  • Very durable thanks to gentle charging curve
  • Large temperature range to allow for flexible use

UNO Diode Redundancy Modules for consistent redundancy right through to the load

  • Flexibility with nominal voltage of 5V DC to 24V DC
  • Space saving due to slim housing of only 22.5mm
  • Uses 2 positive output terminal blocks for continuous redundancy



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