Phoenix Heavy-duty plug-in connectors

With the new heavy-duty plug-in connectors made of aluminum or plastic, you always have the right connection solution for your application to hand.
With the HEAVYCON EVO industrial connectors, we have developed an innovative and more cost-effective solution for many areas of application. Thanks to the unique swivel cable gland with bayonet locking, you can reduce warehousing by 70%.

Your advantages;

  • Safe and reliable use: the plastic and metal housing designs meet IP66 protection and are shock-proof up to IK09
  • Free choice of components, as HEAVYCON EVO can be combined with all standardized aluminum housings on the market
  • Easy handling: you can choose the cable outlet direction directly at the installation location
  • Reduced storage costs, thanks to the reduced number of parts, as the housing replaces eight conventional sleeve housings
  • Safe even in areas with more stringent requirements thanks to the use of the EMC housing

EVO connectors made from plastic;

Quality in plastic

Reliable: EVO plastic connectors

Thanks to the swivel cable outlet, the outlet direction can be adjusted on site. The bayonet locking, used in all housing designs, reduces the number of parts needed by 70%. You only need one housing to cover various outlet directions and screw connections.

HEAVYCON EVO connectors made from high-performance plastic are as robust as heavy-duty metal connectors: they are protected up to IP66 and shock-proof up to IK09.

Additional electrical and mechanical tests prove that HEAVYCON EVO connectors are ideally suited to standard applications, for example, in conventional machine building.

Further areas of application for HEAVYCON EVO plastic connectors include:

  • Machine building
  • Shipbuilding
  • Wind parks
  • Amusement parks
  • Construction vehicles
  • Production lines

EVO connectors made from metal;


Comprehensive protection: EVO metal connectors

Some areas of industry involve particularly harsh conditions. This means that the transmitted signals and data may need to be protected against electromagnetic interference, for example. With our HEAVYCON EVO metal housing we are offering a cost-effective solution for these applications. Benefit from the advantages of the HEAVYCON EVO connectors – now also available for more stringent requirements.

The metal connectors also feature the swivel cable outlet and thereby offer all of the advantages of the plastic connectors as well as EMC safety