Phoenix Flashtrab Surge Protection

Surge protection for 400/690 V networks – pluggable with integrated backup fuse





FLASHTRAB-SEC-HYBRID is the first pluggable type 1 arrester with integrated backup fuse. The new products are suitable for use in 400/690 V AC systems such as wind turbine generators. In combination with the spark gap without line follow current, you will save space and reduce costs in the control cabinet.

Your advantages;

  • Long service life of the arrester and the electrical installation, thanks to SEC technology with a spark gap without line follow current
  • Space-saving installation, thanks to the compact design
  • Reduced wiring effort and shorter cable paths, thanks to integrated backup fuse
  • Easy removal and insertion with the innovative push-pull latching
  • Lower overall voltage protection level, thanks to integrated backup fuse

Main features;

  • Maximum continuous voltage UC: 440 V AC
  • Voltage protection level UP: ≤ 2.5 kV
  • Nominal voltage UN: 400 V AC
  • Lightning impulse current Iimp: 25 kA per position
  • Suitable for use in the unmetered area
  • Floating remote indication contact
  • Optical mechanical status indicator
  • Plugs can be tested with CHECKMASTER 2