Phoenix Easy Automation

Programmable compact controllers from Phoenix Contact impress with their high function density at low prices. Whether Axiocontrol or Inline control, the robust and modularly assembled PLCs are especially communicative and ideal for easy application and decentral automation.

The advantages for you

  • Maximum flexibility in I/O connectivity - thanks to integrated fieldbus master and Modbus/TCP
  • Cost-effective solution, thanks to the excellent price/performance ratio with high functional density
  • Best communication - with an integrated, freely programmable webserver
  • Versatile use, as all common Ethernet protocols are supported

Compact controllers from the Axiocontrol series: fast, rugged, and user-friendly

Compact controller  Axiocontrol

Axiocontrol: fast, rugged, and user-friendly

The Axiocontrol PLC (AXC) is designed for maximum performance, easy handling, and use in harsh industrial environments. It is constructed with an especially robust housing and outstanding EMC properties.

Together with the Axioline I/O system from Phoenix Contact, Axiocontrol offers maximum speed, thanks to direct bus connection. The controller is therefore at the heart of a high-performance automation system.

Compact controllers from the Inline series: modular and versatile

Compact controller ILC 150 ETH

Flexible thanks to their modular construction: ILC compact controllers

The Inline controllers (ILC) from Phoenix Contact support all common communication paths, such as Ethernet, mobile phone or fixed-line network. In addition, they can be easily extended with Inline I/O modules and offer an integrated web server. Their modular construction adds to their flexibility, as they can be optimally adapted to each application.

ME versions: perfect for machine building

Compact controllers for machine building

The most important machine building functions in a compact device

The ME versions of our ILC compact controllers have been specifically developed for the requirements of machine building. For example, for addressing drives via step motor drivers or frequency inverters.
The compact controllers offer all the functions of the ILC and also come with pre-installed functions for machine building.

This means that various drive types can be controlled and sensors can be connected without any additional external modules. Depending on the version, analog or incremental input channels can be used for position detection.

Ideal for distributed automation – class 100 controllers

Compact controller controls sewage treatment plant

Distributed control of wastewater disposal

Example of use: water management

In water management, a compact controller can be used as an RTU (remote terminal unit) which ensures the reliable automation of sewage treatment plants, waterworks, and external stations. The PLC controls the interaction between wells, pumps, and elevated tanks. In addition, the controller communicates all the relevant data from the external stations to the control room.

Easy Automation – automation with our compact controller system

The Easy Automation compact controller system

The Easy Automation compact controller system

Class 100 compact controllers are at the heart of the Easy Automation system from Phoenix Contact. As the interface between the control center and I/O level, they efficiently control the data flow within your system.

With class 100, easy automation includes: intuitive programming with free PC Worx EXPRESS software, flexible expansion with Inline I/O modules, and high function density at a fair price.