Omron S8BA Power Supply

Introducing the S8BA series, a DIN-rail mountable, DC-DC uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that is the ideal countermeasure to protect industrial PCs (IPCs) and factory automation controllers from momentary voltage drops and power failures. 

This is of particular importance with the current trend towards ‘Big Data’ and the use of highly functional controllers when exporting to countries where the power supply may be unstable. A UPS could mean the difference between a controller crashing and losing data during a power failure or having the time to effectively shut it down to save that valuable data.

Compact, lightweight and long-lasting

Panel downsizing is a big topic at the moment and when designing the S8BA this was a clear focus for our engineers. Previously a UPS was often a large bulky component that had to be mounted at the base of a panel, as it was simply too large and heavy to sit comfortably on a DIN-rail.

The new S8BA is lightweight (at only 800g for the 120W model) and compact thanks to the addition of its Li-Ion batteries. This means that it can be mounted with ease to a standard DIN-rail, saving you valuable panel space.

Compared to traditional Lead (Pb) batteries, common in most UPS products on the market, the use of Li-Ion batteries within the S8BA means it can last up to twice as long (life-expectancy is up to 10 years).

Easy installation and multiple communication connections

The S8BA’s innovative push-in terminal block for the I/O interface provides effortless installation. Additionally the S8BA is equipped with an advanced set of communication interfaces (USB, RS-232C) and offers I/O signals to allow compatibility with a variety of IPCs and factory automation controllers.

Uninterrupted power for your control equipment

During a momentary voltage drop or power failure the S8BA would provide a back-up to the 24VDC power source for a guaranteed period of time, giving the operator the necessary time to either shut the system down effectively without losing any data or crashing the controllers or to re-establish a secure stable power supply.

The inclusion of hot-swappable batteries ensures clean, uninterrupted power to protected equipment, even while batteries are being replaced.


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