Omron KM-N2 Multi-Circuit Compact Power Monitor


5 things never to forget

  • Over 20 years of history in Power Monitoring Technology
  • Compact with multi-circuit capabilities (up to four circuits connected to one unit)
  • IEC 62053-22 accuracy class 0.5S
  • Push-in plus technology for fast and easy wiring
  • Large, high-contrast, clear, white LCD display

Features and benefits

The KM-N2 is our latest power monitor device technology, designed to give advantages to everyone involved in energy monitoring projects, from the designer, to the installer, to the final user.

  • Multi-circuit mode provides significant cost and space saving in your panel
  • High programmability through the large front buttons which make it easy to select the device, even within the early stages of the design, when some project details are not known yet
  • Compatibility with standard 1A or 5A Current Transformer makes it a perfect device for a retrofit application, by keeping the existing transformers in place
  • Modbus (or Compoway/F) RS485 serial port together with four pulse outputs result in easy integration with existing communication systems

Important to find out

  • Is serial communication enough or is an Ethernet converter (or other converter) needed?
  • Does the customer already have a SCADA or an Energy Management Software to collect and to visualize the monitoring data? Can he develop his own the drivers for KM-N2?
  • Does the customer need to monitor many single-phase lines? If yes, he has a big benefit with the multi-circuit feature of KM-N2

Markets and applications

End User who needs to monitor energy consumptions to reduce their energy bill and gain competitiveness; Machine builders who are requested by their End User to equip the machines with Energy monitoring devices or who needs to differentiate themselves; Panel Builders involved in energy monitoring projects; System Integrators who act as ESCo (Energy Service Company for their customers)

Industrial market: automotive, packaging

Other markets: energy generation (such as wind and PV plants), commercial buildings such as offices, shopping mall and restaurants.

Sales considerations

We have been producing Power Monitoring Devices since 1995 in Japan, but in Europe the KM family was not introduced until 2014. Therefore the market in Europe is already well occupied by so many competitors, our chance to start gaining market share from competitors is by offering a good quality product with a competitive price and the added value of our automation products and after sales service support.

Integration is the key: the open Modbus protocol of KM-N2 is the starting point to allow our customers to continue to use their existing SCADA or Energy Management System, without the need to replace the existing technology.

Our multi-circuit function is quite unique amongst this class of products (Power Monitoring Device for back panel application, DIN mounting with display). More over the power supply and the voltage sensing lines provided in one unique connection is seen as a good improvement to minimize wiring. Unfortunately KM-N2 needs external CTs every time, while many competitors allow direct connection for a smaller size of measurements.

Reference Documents

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