Omron H3DT Push-in plus Solid-state Timers



5 things never to forget

  • Top class in Industry for low power consumption (up to 60% down) allows a side-by-side mounting contributing to the overall space saving with longer life
  • 17.5mm slim body with 2 contact relay and Push-in plus technology makes us unique in the market
  • Ambient temperature range goes from -20 to +60°C
  • The types of Timers under H3DT to be offered are: multi-functional (ON delay, Flicker OFF/ON start, Signal ON/OFF delay, Interval, Signal OFF Interval, Signal ON/OFF delay, Cumulative, One-shot Output), Power ON-delay, Star-Delta, Twin Timer, Power OFF delay.
  • Certified for safety standards globally: UL, CCC, LR, CE, DNV-GL

Features and benefits

The H3DT products are a comprehensive range of timers designed to reduce space in the panels with Push-in plus technology. It also completes the existing H3DK / H3DS Analog Solid state Timer Family.

  • Two contact relays, double wiring and Push-in plus technology to enhance efficiency of production
  • Rotary switches improvements (click-sound, red marking) allows the customer to be precise on value setting while also simplifying the setting procedure
  • Longer life expectancy reduces the overall maintenance costs

Important to find out

  • Application
  • Operating mode needed
  • Type of signal output
  • Type of terminal (screw, screw-less)
  • Current competitor model (so you can decide which H3D to choose: H3DT, H3DK, H3DS)

Markets and applications

Panel builders, Machine builders, OEM´s, End users, System integrators.

Used in Machinery, Process equipment, Control Panels, pump/water-treatment, marine industry.

Sales considerations

We recommend using the H3DT in the panel building process since it reduces space and installation time thanks to its Push-in plus technology.

We also recommend to use H3DK when your customer wants the screw terminal on 22.5mm. We recommend the H3DS when your customer wants screw terminal on 17.5mm.


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