Omron G9SE compact safety relay



5 things to never forget;

  • Slim design and terminal layout minimize installation space
  • Screw less terminals reduce wiring efforts
  • Fast diagnostics with highly visible indicators
  • Supports a variety of standalone safety applications with 4 available models
  • Contact or PNP inputs supported

Features and benefits;

  • Accepts contact and PNP input types from external safety devices
  • Highly visible LED indicators provide fast diagnostic information
  • Screw less terminals are clearly labeled for quick wiring
  • Adjustable off-delay model adds flexibility for fine tuning
  • Slim design for tight/small installation spaces
  • Auxiliary output for control monitoring

Important to find out;

  • Is there a need for an off-delay time
  • Does the load meet the output ratings of the G9SE (KM1,2 etc)?
  • Is the operating environment within specifications?
  • Which safety function(s) the customer wants to implement on his machine?

Markets and applications;

  • Ideal for panel builders
  • E-Stop, Door-switch, Opto-sensor, safety-output contact, safety OFF-delay
  • Certified for Lift-applications

Sales considerations;

  • Does the small size give an added value?
  • Easy wiring – a considerable value?
  • 4 safety relay outputs – How beneficial are they?