Omron Electromechanical Relays


Industrial Plug-in Relays 



Omron offer a comprehensive range of industrial relays capable of switching loads from just 100 micro amps up to 15 A, incorporating many features and contact configurations covering most industrial applications. Plug-in relays are used in combination with industrial sockets for DIN-rail mounting. Wiring by conventional screw terminals or by screwless clamp technology.


Industrial High Power Relays 



The power relay range is able to switch high currents of up to 160 A in various contact configurations, as recetly, the 4 pole 40 A G7Z seriers has been added to the portfolio. Power relays can be mounted using screws, clips or on a DIN rail, whereas wiring the cables is possible using screw, pcb or quick-connect terminals, depending on the product family.


Sealed / Latching / Power (DC load switching) Plug-in Relays


Special plug-in relays for those applications that cannot be solved by standard products as they require a hermetically sealed cover or latching contacts. The latter is available as a magnetic double winding coil or alternatively as ratchet version performing make / brake operation at each pulse input. MK-S(X) relays are designed for switching DC- loads.