Omron E5DC Digital Temperature Controller




Omron Slim E5DC DIN-rail Mount Digital Temperature Controllers feature a unique size and functionality that make these devices one of the industry's most powerful slim-line temperature controllers. E5DC is Omron's thinnest stand-alone temperature controller, featuring a 22.5mm-wide body. Omron E5DC Temperature Controllers mount to DIN track and are ideal for connections to HMIs and PLCs. These devices provide the same functionality as Omron's similar E5CC 1/16 DIN controllers. E5DC features a 2-piece design in which the controller mounts into terminal block, saving labor and time when wiring. By using jumper bars, users can gang mount a minimum of 2 controllers and a max of 32 controllers and have them communicate to PLCs or HMIs and still have room in the panel.

5 things never to forget

  • Slim size of 22.5 mm - ideal for group mounting in electrical cabinets
  • Getting started in a few seconds
  • Tool port for PC setup without any additional power supply
  • Program less communication with PLC/PC - M/S function
  • Logic operation to save money for timers or Mini-PLC

Features and benefits

  • Transfer output - TC can be 'manipulated' as signal converter
  • Parameter masking and blanking is allowing you to hide and simplify the operation for the end user. Whilst keeping the big number of functionalities undercover, you don't need to compromise regarding controller performance.
  • ThermoMini Freeware for parameter setting or cloning
  • Alarm management for safe operating conditions
  • 5th key for e.g. RUN/STOP assignment
  • Logic operations and timer functions for cost saving
  • 2 AUX outputs which can be freely associated (alarms, outputs)