Omron E3S-DB Clear Object Sensor


We are proud to announce Omron's new E3S-DB - a high performing transparent object sensor for primary and secondary packaging. This product has superior detection of all transparent objects, glass and PET, and has a narrow beam for detection of small gaps between objects. The IP69K Ecolab housing, has flexible mounting holes and slots, a movable M12 connector for straight or angled connection, and a 'smart tune' button for quick adjustment.



5 things never to forget


  • Best-in-class performance for transparent objects
  • Suitable for all transparent media like PET, glass and clear film
  • SmartTeach and trimmer types available
  • Pin point LED technology allows detection even with product gaps down to 3mm
  • Long sensing distance of 4m, provides wide application range

Features and benefits


E3S-DB sensor provides the most reliable detection of all kinds of transparent objects such as PET bottles, glass bottles or transparent trays.

  • Unique optical system enables the most reliable bottle detection
  • SmartTeach for fast set up and optimum threshold setting
  • Auto-compensation function provides reliable operation even in dusty environments
  • Narrow beam types detect smallest product gaps (min. 3 mm)
  • Proven for environments in Food & Beverage industry (ECOLAB certified) & IP67/69k

Important to find out


  • Is the customer using transparent object sensors?
  • Does the customer have trouble with current applications, e.g. reliability, precision detection, dusty environments, etc.?
  • How do they identify their ideal setting? Is trimmer or teach preferred?
  • What sensing distance is required?

Markets and applications


  • Transparent object detection can be found in many machines of primary and secondary packing of Food & Beverage industry.
  • Typical applications are detection of bottles (glass or PET) or transparent trays.
  • In some cases even transparent film is detected with Retro-reflective sensors.

Sales considerations


Naturally transparent object detection is a challenge for optical sensors, especially if the object is very transparent. Therefore customers might have possible needs for technical improvement. E3S-DB is an application oriented product and should address customer's desire for technical improvement. It has several unique features that provide added value. Please check E3S-DB brochure for more details. Customer preferring teach operation might see an advantage in SmartTeach because of seamless adaption of threshold level. Customer preferring trimmer operation might see an advantage in SmartTeach because of easier/faster set up and copy of sensor settings.



Technical Information




Downloadable Documents 


E3S-DB Datasheet                             E3S-DB Product Brochure