Omron E3FA Sensors


Suitable for applications in all industries from food and beverage production to brick manufacture and logistics, Omron’s new E3FA photoelectric sensors offer high reliability, enhanced EMC protection, high ambient light immunity and robust waterproof housings, making them an ideal choice to meet the requirements of today’s users for non-stop operation.


The new sensors feature compact construction, allowing them to be accommodated easily even where space is limited, and they use a bright red LED light source that is clearly visible over long distances as an aid to alignment. Setting up the sensors is intuitive, and is made even easier by the provision of a large robust adjuster. When the sensors are in use, instant visual confirmation of their operating status is provided by an LED indicator with a wide viewing angle.


The standard series of Omron E3FA photoelectric sensors includes through beam versions with ranges up to 20 m, retro-reflective versions with ranges from 0.1 to 4 m, coaxial retro-reflective versions with ranges up to 500 mm and three models of diffuse-reflective sensors with ranges of 100 mm, 300 mm and 1 m. All types are suitable for flush mounting.


While the standard models cover the vast majority of applications, the E3FA range also offers specialised models. These include background suppression types for stable detection of targets with varying colours, limited-distance reflective types for reliable detection of transparent and shiny films, and types that are optimised for very stable detection of transparent bottles even in dusty environments.


To complement its E3FA straight-beam sensors, Omron has also introduced new E3RA radial-beam photoelectric sensors. E3RA sensors are available in through-beam, retro-reflective and three diffuse-reflective versions.


All sensors in the E3FA and E3RA ranges use high-power LED light sources for easy alignment and to minimise the effects of dirt, and all incorporate a pulse synchronisation system to ensure maximum immunity to ambient light. They have extensive shielding for high electromagnetic noise immunity, and their robust impact resistant bodies are fully sealed against liquid and dust ingress.