Omron Analogue & Temperature I/O units for CP1 Series PLC


The analogue I/O range for the CP1 series compact PLC range has been expanded with six new units, containing both input and output units, mixed analogue I/O units and temperature sensor units.


High precision analogue sensing and control

With a conversion resolution of 1/12,000, these new analogue input units are perfectly suited to high precision tension, pressure / flow control and quality inspection applications. Besides offering a four-channel analogue input and a four-channel analogue output unit, two new mixed I/O units with four-channel analogue inputs and two- or four-channel analogue outputs are also available. Controlling a drive for basic electric actuator solutions is still very common and using the mixed analogue I/O units is the ideal solution where space and cost are important considerations. All units support a full range of voltage or current signals.

Accurate and flexible temperature I/O

Two new temperature I/O units are also introduced, one of which offers four-channel thermocouple inputs, where two channels can be used for analogue inputs (1-5V, 0-10V or 4-20mA), allowing you to combine temperature sensing and analogue sensing in a single unit. The second temperature I/O unit offers a total of twelve thermocouple inputs, suitable for extrusion moulding or larger oven applications. Both units offer our usual high accuracy and performance and temperature control is made easy with our PID Function Block and CX-Programmer.

The CP1 compact machines controllers are capable of performing many different automation tasks, from simple to more complex applications.