Intelligent Operator Panel with firmware V1.6


The firmware V1.6 SP1 for the SINAMICS Intelligent Operator Panel (IOP) has been released for sale and delivery on July 21, 2015, and can now be downloaded. The firmware version V1.6 SP1 replaced V1.6 full compatible. Delivery of the IOP with the firmware V1.6 SP1 is scheduled for the beginning of July 2015. (effective immediately, the new firmware release V1.6 SP1 for the SINAMICS Intellient Operator Panel (IOP) is ready).
The SINAMICS Intelligent Operator Panel (IOP) with firmware V1.6 SP1 sets itself apart with the following essential features:
  • I/O-Editor (Menu -> Extras -> I/O editor)
  • The I/O Editor allows the user to configure the digital and analog inputs and outputs of the converter
  • Wizard to define the daylight saving time (only CU230P-2)
  • User defined labels for parameters in IOP status screen
  • All 14 user interface languages have been revised regarding the new functions. Documented restrictions with V1.6 for Finnish, Polish and Portuguese are herewith cancelled.