Energy-Efficient Control Technology: SIRIUS brings down energy costs


Be it for plant operators, planners or machine manufacturers: energy-efficient production is a challenge and an opportunity in equal measure.

Energy-efficient production as a success factor

To utilize potential energy savings, we always keep an eye on the entire product development and production process with our comprehensive portfolio. This is because only a perfect interplay of all components results in highly energy-efficient production.

To achieve this, it is important to first create an awareness of existing energy saving potential, to identify optimization options with the aid of a detailed analysis and to evaluate them. Finally, appropriate measures must be implemented (realized).

With our integrated portfolio of energy-efficient drive solutions, automation systems and services, you will also achieve maximum energy efficiency, higher productivity and sustainable competitive advantages in your enterprise.



Energy-efficient products – SIRIUS reduces power loss

SIRIUS controls (3RM motor starters, 3RR2 monitoring relays, 3RB3 overload relays, 3RT2 contactors, 3RW soft starters, 3RV2 motor starter protector/circuit breakers and 3RA6 compact starters) are characterized by extremely low intrinsic power loss. This not only lowers energy costs, but also reduces the amount of waste heat in the control cabinet. This then translates to a higher packing density and a reduction in the required cooling performance.

Energy-measuring products

Energy management can be instrumental in increasing plant productivity and thus bringing about a significant improvement to the competitive ability of a company – in all areas of industry.

Energy data acquisition represents an important component of the overall energy data management process. Thanks to transparency right down to the loads, it becomes possible to identify and utilize hidden energy saving potential.

With communication-capable SIRIUS industrial controls (SIMOCODE pro V motor management and control devices, 3RR24 monitoring relays, 3RW44 soft starters), you can record energy data from the drive train without any additional outlay.

SIRIUS controls help you make energy flows visible.

Best drive solutions in terms of energy

To optimize energy efficiency of processes, it is not only important to measure the energy flow and to use energy-efficient products. The greatest lever for saving energy comes from closely examining a specific application.

For sample applications on the Internet, see


SinaSave energy efficiency tool:

The SinaSave energy efficiency tool determines energy saving potential and amortization periods based on your individual conditions of use and therefore offers practical assistance in making decisions regarding investments in energy-efficient technologies.

From SinaSave version 6.0 and higher, the drive systems to be compared and the relevant drive component parameters are displayed graphically. The diverse options for comparing different control types and extensive product combinations for drive solutions for pump and fan applications represent an additional expansion.

Our product portfolio encompasses not only SIRIUS controls, but also SIMOTICS motors and SINAMICS converters/inverters, and thus offers a comprehensive range of comparison options - tailored to your requirements.

Further information on the amortization calculator for energy-efficient drives is available at: