Controls Made Easy: SIRIUS Planning Efficiency


With Planning Efficiency, Siemens Industry has provided answers to typical questions that often come up in electrical planning:

  • What is the right product for my application?
  • Where can I find product data?
  • How can I design processes in a more efficient and time-saving way?

Planning Efficiency brings together the whole of Siemens Industry's electronic support. At each stage of the project, online functions make the everyday life of the planner easier through greater efficiency. At the same time, Planning Efficiency focuses on aspects such as optimization in the configuring of control cabinets. In this early phase in electrical planning in particular, savings of up to 80% can be made in time and costs.

In this early phase in electrical planning in particular, savings of up to 80% can be made in time and costs.

To supply planners with everything they need and make modern electrical planning easier when configuring control cabinets, the electronic support provided by Planning Efficiency focuses on four advantages:

  • Get to the right product faster with intuitive product selection
  • Time savings of up to 80% with universal product data for your CAE and CAD system
  • User-friendly compilation of project-specific documentation
  • Comprehensive support – anywhere, anytime

Process phases

Siemens Industry provides comprehensive and free online functions in every process phase. Thus, all the information and product data you require are available worldwide and around the clock.

Configurators for products and systems

In just a few clicks, the configurator will guide you to the right product or system for your requirements. Simply enter the relevant parameters and select your individual solution.


CAX Download Manager

In just four selection steps, the CAx Download-Manager provides you with all the necessary CAx data types for your desired products for use in all common CAE and CAD systems, free and up-to-date. You are then provided with an individual download package as a zip file for later use. This result in time savings of up to 80 %. Manual data gathering is no longer necessary thanks to universal manufacturer data for all common CAE and CAD systems.

My Documentation Manager

We have developed a manual configurator to support you in creating system documentation. With just a few clicks, standard-compliant system documentation can be individually compiled in My Documentation Manager. Simply choose the required sections from the existing manuals of the Siemens products installed.

EPLAN Electric P8 macro - the benefits for EPLAN users

The EPLAN Electric P8 macro (.edz format - EPLAN Data Archived Zipped) reduces the overall time required for data integration even further. With just a few clicks, the data types it includes for any number of article numbers can be imported, and they remain linked with one another. In this way, the installed Siemens products can be represented across different circuit diagram pages quickly and easily.

At a glance

Without Planning Efficiency a lot of time used to be wasted in manual data transmission. Now you can concentrate on the essentials again. All the information and product data you need are provided by Siemens Industry and, are easily accessible.

This makes configuring control cabinets more efficient and makes your everyday work easier.

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From old to new - the new conversion tool

Every automation system eventually becomes obsolete. Replacing installed products used to involve significant time and costs. But with the new conversion tool you can now find the suitable product faster – and easily make the switch to SIRIUS Innovations:

  • A user-friendly interface provides intuitive search options
  • Simple entry of article numbers or descriptive texts for existing projects (e.g. *Contactor*)
  • The search result provides you with the article number of the desired device, including current data and information on using the new product.
  • Order conveniently from the Industry Mall
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