Controls Made Easy: SIRIUS Configurators

We offer a large number of configurators for the SIRIUS product spectrum. These facilitate the choice of suitable products and systems for your application.

Simply choose the features you require and the optimum solution will be offered to you after only a few clicks.

You can then order the products conveniently through the Industry Mall.


SIRIUS ACT pushbuttons and indicator lights

  • Put together individual operator controls or complete enclosures according to your wishes
  • Select all combinations of pushbuttons, enclosures and switching elements individually

SIRIUS 3SE5/3SF position switches

  • Select the basic switch, the actuator head and the suitable actuator with only a few clicks
  • Combine individual elements to suit your requirements and assemble to create your individual variants


SIRIUS 3SK1 safety relays

  • Fast and clear creation of safety-related applications (e.g. EMERGENCY-STOP and protective door monitoring)
  • Simply enter the number of sensors or outputs and choose any accessories
  • The configuration result provides you with article numbers and also technical data and 3D models for the matching products

3RK3 Modular Safety System

  • Freely parameterizable, modular safety relays
  • Intuitive component selection
  • Easy entry of the necessary inputs and outputs as well as the required communication options
  • Matching accessories such as diagnostic displays or PC cables can be optionally added


SIRIUS Innovations system configurator

  • Easily find the right combination of motor starter protector/circuit breaker, contactor and matching accessories
  • Enter motor data and your required features
  • The configuration result provides you with all the necessary article numbers as well as technical documentation and 3D models for engineering
  • Also possible for more complex structures such as 3-phase busbar systems and complete infeed systems

SIRIUS 3RM1 motor starters

  • Put together an individual motor starter or a complex motor starter group
  • Individual options such as direct-on-line or reversing start, spring-type or screw terminals and also motor current and control voltage
  • Graphical display of the structure during configuration
  • Automatic determination of the suitable circuit breaker (group configuration)

SIRIUS 3RA6 compact starters and infeed system for 3RA6

  • Easy to use – from individual compact starters or also with associated infeed system and AS-i interfacing
  • The configuration result provides you with additional technical information such as CAD data and product data sheets as well as characteristic curves, operating instructions, manuals and much more.

SIRIUS 3RW soft starters

  • Easy and fast selection of suitable soft starters
  • For correct dimensioning of the soft starter, you should use the Win-Soft Starter tool. The configurator contains the link to the software.

SIRIUS 3RF solid-state switching devices

  • Easy selection of individual solid-state switching devices on the basis of technical features (e.g. zero-point switching, spring-type terminal and rated current)
  • The configuration result provides you with the article numbers for the matching products


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