Lovato Software Synergy

Increasing energy efficiency means using only the power required ), using energy when it costs less (optimise consumption in tariff time slots, increase renewable energy consumption and so on) and improving energy quality (reduction of harmonics, power surges, ...). Therefore, the first step to take is the monitoring and analysis of your power consumption.

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Lovato DCRG88 power factor controller

The DCR8 controller has been designed to satisfy technical characteristics of modern electrical installations in industry It is highlighted the controller is equipped with an optical port on front allowing to carry out programming, diagnostics and data download.

The backlight graphic LCD gives excellent data legibility, even with poor illumination, and has a clear and intuitive viewing for user interface. 

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Lovato RGK generating set controllers

New control system

LOVATO Electric introduces the new class of RGK700 and RGK800 controllers, in either the AMF-function or stand-alone version. The new products inherit all the valuable features of the earlier LOVATO Electric series plus the introduction of innovative functions and characteristics.

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Lovato Platinum Pushbutton Range


LOVATO Electric has expanded its range of control and signalling devices with the new Platinum series of 22mm pushbuttons and selector switches.

High reliability, superior electrical performance, mechanical ruggedness and sleek ergonomic design are all hallmarks of the new Platinum series. Buttons and switches are characterized by the use of materials with excellent mechanical characteristics and high chemical resistance, which make them usable in any environment, even in the presence of certain types of acids, hydrocarbons, alcohols, halogenated alkali and organic composite. Wide range of operating temperatures including the range: from -25 ° to +70 ° C ambient temperature.

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