Are you ready for IE3?

With the change of regulations aiming for better energy efficiency for low voltage motors coming into effect in the New Year, our Control Products team are asking "Are you IE3 ready?"
E3 is the most recent change to EU standards effective as of 1st January 2015. According to the regulations, more economical 'premium efficient' motors will be compulsory for new installs of low voltage motors and motors in continuous operation between 7.5kW - 375kW. This new EU standard should help reduce Europe's industrial energy demands from LV motors by as much as 20-30% - however there are consequences of this which need to be given thought. These motors have different characteristics to previous generations which means control equipment to switch them on will need to be adapted for successful motor starting. In response to this, Siemens have carried out comprehensive research into a vast range of motors from both our and our competitors' motor portfolios and evolved our motor starters to be able to cope with the changes comprehensively throughout our innovations product range. We believe that we are the only control product manufacturer on the market to have addressed this issue to help our customers seamlessly move into a more environmentally friendly future.
Follow the link for our IE3 in a nutshell episodes.
We are IE3 ready!